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Quality Products to ensure a quality job


At Affordable Excavating & Hauling, Inc. we understand that quality materials are the foundation of a successful project. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality slate, topsoil, custom blends and soil medias, and stone in the Shippensburg, and Chambersburg, PA area.

Unlike our competitors, offer pick up options during business hours! Please call ahead to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to help.

Looking for delivery to a jobsite? We can do that too! Our products are delievered in tri-axle quantities.

Affordable Excavating and Hauling, Inc. in Shippensburg, PA

Slate Products

Overburden (with proctor)

Our overburden is the layer of material between the topsoil and the slate. It typically contains small slate pieces with mostly clay dirt. Overburden is used for fill areas under building pads or areas where fill is needed. This material is compactable and the less expensive then slate and topsoil.


    Soft, finely stratified sedimentary rock that is formed. Generally, in a rectangular shape and generally splits or breaks into smaller pieces

    • #1-Bank slate is unprocessed slate, dug from the ground and ranging from small pieces to large pieces. Used for base surface in most cases. It can be used for roads, building pads, and parking areas.

    #1 Bank


    Crushed slate

    Slate that has been sent through a crusher or processed to a standard size

    • #8 crushed slate is processed to 8 inch and minus. It can be used for building up for roads/driveways, building pads, parking areas, and base material for your projects.

    • #2 chippy slate is processed to 2 inch and minus and has a lot more fines. It can be used for the finishing product, great for topcoat for lanes, roads, driveways, and parking areas also used for controlling mud at job sites and farms. (Size and use are like 2A mod)


    Slate Pricing

    Slate is priced by the tonnage as well the Tri-axle load.

    Topsoil Products

    Screened Topsoil

    This product has been processed through ½” screen on a trammel screener and it is very easy to work with. This is kept under roof and is available year-round. Large quantities available year-round.

    Regular Topsoil

    Regular Topsoil is not screened may have stone, twigs, or roots. Not always kept under roof. Large quantities available year-round, moisture levels will vary.


      75/25 Mix Topsoil

      75% screened topsoil and 25% mushroom compost. This is dry and screened, kept under roof and is available year-round. Great for gardening and new lawns.

      50/50 Mix Topsoil

      50% screened topsoil and 50% leaf compost. This is dry and screened, kept under room and is available year-round.

      Topsoil Pricing

      Topsoil is priced by the cubic yard as well as Tri-axle load.

      Custom Blends & Soil Medias

      *Available including Penn dot/ MD certification. This is job specific-will need email with each job request.

      Leaf Compost

      Leaf compost is a mix of leaves and grass clippings lagged and aged over time. Adds nutritional value to soil with a time release of nutrients and helps soil hold water for a slower release for drainage for rain gardens and or retention ponds.

      Mushroom Soil

      Mushroom soil organic fertilizer made from a mix of straw, hay, and manure. Mushroom soil releases nutrients faster than leaf compost but for less length of time.


        Topsoil Pricing

        Compost is priced by the cubic yard as well as Tri-axle load.

        Additional Products

        We have access to and would have the ability to haul to your jobsite:

        Bulk Salt, Sand, Stone, Limestone, River Rock, Millings, High Calcium Lime

        Mix Fill Dirt

        Mix fill dirt is combination of ditch material dirt, concrete, brick, stone, etc.

        Stone Pricing

        Stone is priced by the tonnage

        If you’re ready to get started or want to talk about your projects and needs, please contact us at 717-729-2843.

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